Loading and Unloading Your Bike

Step 1

  • Remove loose items from bike.
  • If bike rack is empty, squeeze handle to release latch and fold down rack. The rack weighs less than 20 pounds and is easy to raise and lower.

Step 2

  • Only load your bike from the curb side or in front of the bus. This is for your safety!
  • Lift your bike into the available wheel slot. Use the farthest slot from the bus.

Step 3

  • Raise and secure the support arm over the front tire of your bike.
  • The support arm must be positioned so the hook rests on the highest point of the tire.
  • If you wish, secure your bike with your personal bike lock.
  • Board the bus and pay your regular fare (there is no additional charge for a bicycle).

Step 4

  • Inform the driver you will be unloading your bike when you signal for your stop.
  • Lower the support arm, lift your bike out of rack toward the curb.
  • Fold up the rack if empty, and step away from bus with bike.

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