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The Wave Transit
Advertising Program

Maximum Impact, Minimum Cost

This unique advertising program is designed to give an advertiser increased exposure and visibility with maximum effectiveness and affordability. With the "Moving Billboard", advertisers can reach a specific audience in specific locations.

The Wave Transit has a fleet of over 30 buses covering 13 fixed routes. Because most routes travel through some of the most heavily populated and commercialized areas of Mobile, an advertiser's message has the ability to reach over 100,000 consumers each day.

For precise targeting, interior bus advertising gives advertisers access to a highly specific, captive audience which is relatively constant. The Wave Transit has 14,000 to 20,000 weekly rider trips to work, shopping, school and medical appointments.

This medium is perfect for building awareness of the advertiser's products or services through repeated impressions upon consumers. It's great for sale announcements, recruiting and non-profit organizations.

Get your marketing in motion!
For more information on The Wave Transit's Moving Billboard Advertisement Program, please contact.